In Terms Of Contemporary Kitchen Design, What Are The Essentials?

When you’re doing a kitchen remodel, extension, or refit, you’ll have some idea of the must-haves that you need. Certain fundamentals are crucial to an effective kitchen, including a fridge, freezer, oven, and plumbing. Having said that, a well-designed contemporary kitchen needs more of a foundation than just the traditional essentials. An effective contemporary kitchen design includes efficiency, clarity, and cohesion. Look past the minimal requirements to see the true must-haves that your modern kitchen should incorporate.


These days, efficiency is much more than how an appliance is rated at doing its core task. Environmental and economic efficiency both prove crucial to contemporary kitchens. If your refit involves new appliances, then seize the opportunity to pick machines sporting high energy ratings. There are other features about your kitchen that are also important here. Consider your materials. Durable and natural worktop materials, including marble and granite get mined in slabs; as such, their manufacturing impact isn’t as much. You can have a worktop that lasts you a lifetime, because these materials work to keep waste to a minimum.


A lot of various design concepts come to play in terms of contemporary kitchen design. Be it coastal or country, minimalist or retro, cohesion is the secret to aesthetic success. Choose your concept and then meticulously plan how the various elements are going to come together in your finished room. Keep in mind that you might want to make future updates to your kitchen aesthetic years later. If you choose a neutral quartz worktop, then you have a consistent crucial element to your kitchen that you can easily update and match cabinet fronts to.


Function should involve a wide scope, and it’s crucial to having a contemporary kitchen design that lasts. Modern kitchens from Zen Stone need to be multi-disciplined spaces. This space is one for not just cooking but also socialising, entertaining, living, and relaxing. Living furniture is a popular essential to many kitchens. Your kitchen should embrace many different personalities. Furniture can do this, including worktops, tables, casual breakfast stools, seated dining, and even a relaxed sofa space.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands and breakfast bars are nothing new. However, as contemporary kitchen designs evolve, they’ve turned into another must-have. If there is enough space, features like these can be very wide to the point of multi-functionality. Consider including a wine fridge, hob, prep sink, and even waterfall layers to make the most of this area in terms of dynamic usage. If you pick something like granite or marble, then your kitchen island can look wonderful and last a long time.

Worktops Made To Last

Durability is crucial to modern kitchens. Contemporary kitchens have design features that last the test of time in both strength and style. This is happening a lot because of consumer choices reflecting environmental values and economic prudence at the same time. Pick a granite worktop if you want something that lasts your home’s entire life, and your kitchen refit impact will be minimal. Classic neutral marbles, such as our sparkling quartz, work with many different design concepts. Properly cared for, such surfaces look like new even a decade later.

Pull-Out Cupboards

Modern kitchen designs shouldn’t have forgotten tins hiding out near the back of the cupboards. Pull-out full-height pantry cupboards mean easy access to each side of a shelf, making kitchen storage truly optimal. Put one at the end of a worktop, or include them in floor-to-ceiling units. However you use them, pull-out larders are definitive signs of a truly contemporary kitchen.

Mix Freestanding With Fitted

An increasing number of consumers are choosing to mix their fitted kitchen units with freestanding preparation spaces and cabinetry. Mixing styles makes kitchen designs unique and personalised in terms of aesthetic. Consider mixing class granite for your worktops along with fitted units while using a freestanding oven and dresser. When done right, these styles can meet in refreshingly striking fashion.