5 Legitimate Reasons to Cut a Tree Down

Trees play a crucial role in purifying the air by absorbing much of the carbon dioxide in it. They also release moisture which, with time, comes down in the form of rain. As important as trees are, there are times when you simply have to cut a tree or a few of them down. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for commercial purposes, produce timber or clear space for new construction. Outlined below are a few legitimate reasons to call a tree surgeon in Southampton.

1. If the Tree is Already Dead or Dying

A dying or dead tree poses a significant risk to everything around it, and especially property, people, and younger trees. The dead branches, for example, can snap off at any time, causing severe injuries and damage to anything in its way. The risk is even greater if there’s a bad storm or weather, reasons you should have it cut down as soon as possible. As attractive as it may seem, a dead tree is a risk in waiting, hence should be removed right away.

2. If it is Severely Infected

While you don’t want to chop the tree down at the first sign of disease, swift action is required, especially if most of the branches are already infected. Although pruning the infected branches can help prevent the disease from spreading, there are times when the infection is far worse. Consider calling a tree surgeon to see if the tree can be saved or if it has to be removed altogether. Leaving the tree untreated will only lead to its death, or even worse, cause the disease to spread to other trees as well. Infected trees almost always attract rodents and other pests, something you don’t want in your compound.

3. If it is Growing too Close to a Structure

Growing up, we were told that a tree growing too close to the house could cause cracks in its foundation. While this is possible, the likelihood of this happening is quite small. Nonetheless, a tree growing too close can cause a myriad of problems, including blocked drainage or even causing your summer house or paving slabs to tilt a bit. The branches could damage your roof and gutter if it is too close to the house. You also don’t want leaves on your rooftop either, as this will cause it to rot. Felling the tree might be your only option, especially if pruning the overgrown branches doesn’t seem to help.

4. The Tree is Leaning to One Direction

While the leaning tree might not pose any threat to your property, it might fall in bad weather. This mostly happens with larger trees with lots of weight on their branches. Unless it is too far off the garden or the forest, any leaning tree should be cut down, and especially if it’s close to a structure, road, or pavement.

5. It Shows Signs of Interior Decay

Internal decay can cause integrity issues with the tree’s stability, a reason to call a tree surgeon to investigate. Most cases of internal decay in trees go unnoticed or until it is too late, probably because one needs the expertise to identify one. A tree surgeon will recommend having the tree removed, especially if it is beyond salvaging.

These are some of the genuine reasons you would want to have a tree cut down. While you may not want to remove the only tree providing shade to your garden, your safety should come first. This is why you should contact a tree surgeon to see what can be done for the tree or if it needs to go.

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