Have you prepared school supplies for your little one later? Given that soon the children will start the new school year 2021-2022, for little ones who are just starting the world of school or continuing to the next class, this moment is usually synonymous with new school equipment in order to bring new enthusiasm to activities school later … Some tips on buying cancellations for your little one:

A Comfortable School Bag

Of the many types of bags available, you need to adjust it to your little one’s needs. It depends on how much your little one carries, and choose a bag that is comfortable and makes it easier for your little one to carry their belongings to school. Like a backpack, for the sake of children’s health it is necessary to avoid a sling bag … why? Because the use of a sling bag makes the load only rest on one part of the shoulder, so it is unbalanced and triggers neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Apart from the usual backpack, you can also choose a wheeled backpack so that it makes it easier for the child to carry the bag. However, make sure in advance that your child does not need to pass stairs to get to his class. Because the use of a wheeled school bag must be lifted when climbing stairs can also trigger back pain.

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Writing books that fit

notebooks are also one of the important tools in school. The difference between notebooks and binders is more towards the suitability of the little one who uses it. If we compare the two, then you will get the advantages and disadvantages of each

The advantage of writing books compared to binders is that they are light to carry everywhere. This is because usually one notebook is only used for one subject. Unlike the binder, we use one binder for many subjects or courses, we separate each subject by the presence of a binder separator. Thus the binder will feel heavier, because every day we will carry all the sheets of paper. In contrast to notebooks, we will only carry according to our lesson schedule.

The advantage of binders compared to notebooks is that with binders, we don’t need to look at the agenda every day and choose a notebook that fits the schedule. With binders, we can freely open notes on all subjects if needed. Taking notes in a binder will make it easier for your little one to not need to carry a lot of notebooks. However, binders are more often used for junior high school children and above than elementary schools.


You should pay attention to the stationery your little one uses, starting from pencils, pens, erasers, shavings, rulers, and so on. But, you also need to understand the character of the child.

Pens consist of ink pens or gel pens, and you should also pay attention to the type of pen tip because it can affect the results of your little one’s writing. In addition, there is also an eraser, although a lot of children are lazy to use an eraser so that their own books are dirty, you need to choose an eraser for your little one that can erase easily without wasting effort.

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